INTRAMURS is positioned as a reference for the most avant-garde artistic proposals, to be the place to experiment with risky and participative projects. An essential event for artists with pioneering proposals, a showcase for new artistic behaviors, where disciplines merge and complement each other. An expanding project that hybridizes diverse management / production formulas to innovate in the arts and culture, where we develop strategic and communication processes that foster social responsibility in the company and citizen participation.

During all our editions the intention has always been that the artistic manifestations maintain the specific character and are thought to intervene in the public, giving priority to the interaction in front of other types of more passive samples where the public is a mere spectator. Intramurs is the reference festival for public art, where the framework for the works is the street and the attending public who ends up completing the artistic proposals.

Intramurs, which reached its fifth edition in 2018, is a consolidated project of a group of Valencian artists who came together to create, with the support and collaboration of the merchants of the historic center, an artistic appointment based on three fundamental premises: gratuity, innovation and interest of the proposals. Its scope of action is limited to the territorial framework of Ciutat Vella de València, promoting interventions of public art in its streets and squares, and temporarily activating space in disuse in scenarios for the arts.

Last year the project started a new stage, also organizing in April the “Trobada d’Artistes per la Llibertat d’Expresió” in Ibiza while we keep maintaining the annual call for Valencia. In this new era, the denomination becomes “Intramurs, per l’experimentació arte al Mediterrani”, to put the emphasis on the always innovative character of the project and the desire to influence various cities in our geographical area, facilitating in this way the mobility of artists and productions.